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Wix – All-in-One Customer Support Solution

In order to make a well-established website that appeals to users, first and foremost, you should care about their experience. Top-notch design and cool content do matter, but it means nothing when your customers need your help and cannot get it. That’s why the formula of success also includes a decent client support system.

With the help of Wix content management system, you may not only create a high-quality website – from now on, it allows for integrating your own customer support solution. This advanced help desk software allows clients to get in touch with your assistants whenever they need it.

What are WIX Answers?

WIX Answers is the proprietary help desk software used to integrate the entire customer support system into your website. This solution is already being exploited by more than 120 mln Wix CMS users, and now is available for your business.

With this Customer Support Software, supporting your customers becomes so much easier! The solution leverages the ample knowledge base, multi-channel ticketing, as well as a call center. Thanks to these instruments, you’ll be able to solve customers’ problems in the blink of an eye and obtain valuable data to get the insight into your audience’s needs and preferences.

Let’s take a closer look at the tools provided by WIX Answers.

Fully Branded Help Center

Using WIX software, you can set up your custom help desk in a matter of a few minutes. The process is easy:

  • Select a template;
  • Customize its colors and sections according to your company and brand;
  • Add articles and buttons;
  • Click ‘Publish’.

With the knowledge base software, you can create and edit your website’s FAQ page, publish guidelines and recommendations, and so much more. Besides, the Help Center Software leverages statistics and other useful tools allowing you to get information about clients’ needs. The more you know, the better you can tailor services to your customers.

Multi-lingual Knowledge Base

Articles, guides, tutorials, FAQ – there are many ways to help your customers. Create your own knowledge base that supports 14 languages: your texts can be automatically translated to provide customers with information in their native language. You can enrich the content with photos and videos using the inbuilt editor. The Help Widget with showcase the articles from your knowledge base.

Ticketing System With Multi-Channel Support

Ticketing software is an essential feature of every authoritative website – this is what allows customers contact you to solve petty and serious issues. With the help of WIX solution, you can control, manage, and prioritize tickets from different channels. No matter how your customers want to contact you – by phone, email, or social media – you can always provide your audience with answers right from your service software.

The solution streamlines work with clients by letting you send texts from the knowledge base, giving article recommendations and leveraging custom contact forms to get the client information you really need. When the ticketing service is automated, you can help more people within a shorter time lapse.

Built-in Call Center

Some clients aren’t ready to wait for their tickets to be answered and need an instant reply – this is where phone support comes in handy. In fact, you can exploit the same service software to leverage phone calls! Now you can order your own 1-800 number and receive calls from clients. Besides, customers can leave a callback request.

Key Advantages of WIX Answers

As a WIX CMS user, you can reap multiple benefits from this help desk software. Major advantages of WIX Answers include:

  1. Agility and simplicity of navigation. You don’t have to spend days to figure out how this product works. Navigation is intuitive for both end developers and website visitors.
  2. Total customization. This is a DIY platform, which means you can try different templates and organize the appearance and functionality of your help desk the way you need.
  3. Quick and simple set up. Integration of WIX Answers takes a few minutes – there’s no need to work with website code. Just order the service and activate it: upon customization, it will be available for your clients right away.
  4. No IT skills required. Your assistants don’t have to be tech-savvy to help customers – platform interface is quite easy to understand and work with. The risk of mistakes and errors is minimal. One-day training will be enough for the personnel to learn what is what.
  5. Top-notch SEO. Thanks to advanced SEO tools, you can make it easier for users to find your website and help desk center.
  6. Advanced privacy settings. Want to make your help desk available for your customers only? You can enable registration process for accessing the knowledge base.

The last but not the least is the customer data which gives you a deep insight into customer behavior and preferences. You can check your team’s performance, as well as ticket response times, view customer satisfaction levels, and so much more – all of that is displayed on the help desk software. From now on, you will be aware of top features requests, search trends and most popular articles – this is invaluable statistics for your website. Seamlessly integrating the knowledge base and the ticketing system, WIX Answers provides you with valuable information about customers, products, and support. Thanks to that, you can make informed business decisions.

How to Install It?

In fact, WIX CMS users won’t find it difficult to work with WIX Answers platform. It goes as a widget that can be embedded anywhere on a website. All you need is just order the service and pay for it, and install on your website in a couple of clicks. When you customize it, it will be open for access: using it, your clients can read articles and tutorials, send you messages, and enjoy the whole gamut of tools provided by the help desk. This platform can be 100% tailored to your brand and website: you decide upon the color scheme, button layout, and overall appearance and functionality.

WIX Answers is a versatile solution for making your website user-friendly and convenient.

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