Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation Software and its features

It often happens that businessmen have to face a lot of tasks. Sales staff deals with much pressure, that’s why they forget to perform their main duties, as a result, this leads to decreased sales. Now when business environment is getting more and more competitive, sales representatives cannot afford to make a lot of mistakes. Besides, it is hard to evaluate the performance of your sales team and each individual member. Fortunately, there is a solution that will make a group of separate sales members more result-oriented and therefore, they will become a real team with common business objectives.

The solution is sales force automation (SFA) – is a technology that can automate business processes, change the way your sales staff use information, analyze sales forecasts and its performance. This type of program will make your sales team increase profit and lead to your company’s success. 

The main features of sales force automation.

Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting is a key component of successful business development. It stimulates your sales staff to work more effectively. Deep analysis will allow understanding the client behavior on the basis of previous and existing sales trends. Thus, you will get the positive result on every stage of your company’s sales pipeline. Thus, your sales managers will get the detailed picture of the sales process and will act in an appropriate way. 

Synchronized work process

The next main component is synchronized work process. It happens that your sales team won’t be able to navigate in countless number of emails, different notes and events, that’s why it is necessary to create a single platform where all the materials will be collected. SFA will be a great solution to solve this issue, as it has the ability to import all valuable information from Excel and integrates with MS Exchange.


Customize your sales force automation solution according to the specific needs of your company. Change the layout of SFA application to get access to the data you need most. Also, if it is vital for sales reps to communicate with their contacts, you can create templates for any type of documents. This function will give your sales people the opportunity to adjust the interface of the SFA in the way that will work for them best.

Lead management

Every member of sales team does not have to work alone on their potential clients. Sales force automation technology gives the possibility to define the stage your prospects are at. After the detailed analysis of all potential clients, the system will independently distribute the sales-ready prospects for sales to the right sales managers.

Every year the clients become more demanding and retaining them is getting harder than ever. But, if your sales team understands your customers’ desires, they will get the deal closed faster. The integration of SFA will give you a good opportunity to determine each contact by creating a complete profile on your existing clients. This approach will help the sales managers to recognize the potential customers from the very beginning.

Your sales representatives will undoubtedly appreciate the advantages of sales force automation. Such tool will help them to understand the structure of the sales process, making the predictions more specific and easier to make. The best SFA software has analytical filters that will scan all the available information to predict your future deals. Another amazing bonus is that you can use some SFA solutions to easily handle your potential clients from anywhere in the world. 

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